Meditourz, a company specialising in providing affordable and quality healthcare, is known the world over for providing, facilitating, promoting, and coordinating medical services and healthcare activities for patients from different countries. In a recent humanitarian gesture, the company undertook the task of treating three Bangaldeshi patients suffering from a debilitating muscular condition known as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


It all started with a Guardian article dated 24th January 2017 about the family, wherein the father was pleading for euthanasia, or mercy killing, for his two sons Abdus and Rahinul, aged 24 and 13, and his eight-year-old grandson Shorab. Tofazzal Hossain, an impoverished fruit vendor from Bangladesh’s Meherpur town, had spent all his money and sold his shop to afford treatment for his two sons and grandson. However, when this didn’t help, in a plea of desperation, he wrote to the local district administration, asking them to either help care for the patients or grant him permission to euthanise them, a practice that is banned in the country.


When Meditourz got wind of this story, the organisation decided to step in and help. Their first step was to enlist the support of NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, a Navi Mumbai-based hospital that specialises in stem cell therapy for incurable neurological disorders. The hospital on their part agreed to treat the three boys free of cost. Next, when approached by Meditourz, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs extended their co-operation to this noble cause by sanctioning, on priority, the requisite visa documentation for the three boys, along with three of their relatives, to travel to India for treatment.


Meditourz then got in touch with Air India, requesting for free tickets to the patients and their family. The airline magnanimously not only sponsored their return tickets from Kolkata (the closest airport city from Meherpur), but also arranged for wheelchairs, refreshments, and any other support that the patients would need.


As such, with combined support from all quarters, Hossain and his family finally arrived on Mumbai’s shores on the 2nd of April 2017. As of 4th April 2017, the three boys have successfully undergone stem cell therapy, and are now recovering well after the treatment. Once doctors are satisfied with their recuperation, they will fly back to their native Meherpur to lead a normal life.