Privacy Policy

Meditourz respects the privacy of each and every Medical Tourist, and regards the protection of all Medical Tourism Personal Information very seriously. Therefore, and based on our selected Meditourz philosophy on privacy, we at Meditourz will at all times conduct our business with utmost sensitivity in an attempt to protect such information entrusted unto us in whatever form of communication possible released to us.

The use of the Meditourz website by you, the Medical Tourists, signifies your agreement in being bound by the terms recorded in this Meditourz Privacy Policy.


Meditourz has established this Privacy Policy to explain how “data” will be collected, and how the same “data” will be applied, and/or disclosed once registration has been concluded.

Once you as the Medical Tourist have registered with Meditourz, your Personal Information, being the “data,” will be registered on Meditourz’s system. On receipt thereof will Meditourz close off all access thereto.

Introduction Process

On receipt of the Medical Tourist’s Personal Information accompanied by the request for specialized Medical Treatment will Meditourz release the name of the Medical Tourist and the nature of Medical Treatment required.

Once the Medical Condition has been analyzed by the Medical Practitioner Meditourz will arrange an introductory meeting between the Medical Tourist and the Medical Practitioner.

Only after the Medical Tourist has scrutinized the Medical Practitioner’s Medical Prognosis, and agreed to Medical Treatment by the Medical Practitioner, will Meditourz engage in facilitating the process of Medical Treatment.

Meditourz will then engage the services of the appointed Meditourz Service Providers, and release only the Personal Information required to conclude all Travel arrangements.

Meditourz will not intentionally gather any Personal Information nor enter into any relationship with any Medical Tourist who is under the age of 18. All such requests need be filed by the minor’s legal guardian.

Only once the guardian has given written consent will Meditourz enter into an agreement with the minor subject to all correspondence between the minor and Meditourz being copied to the guardian at all times.

Browser Data

Meditourz automatically receives and records all Personal Information on its server logs from the browser of a Medical Tourist, including the Medical Tourist’s IP address, cookie information, and the page requested.

Each Medical Tourist should be aware of the fact that visits to other web site vendors prior to entering the web site of Meditourz might have resulted in such vendors placing Personal Information within a URL of the Medical Tourist during his visit to their website.

Meditourz has no control over such web sites. Accordingly, a subsequent web site that collects URL information may log some Personal Information of the Medical Tourist.

Once the Medical Tourist registers with Meditourz selected “data” will be provided which includes an ID, a password, and an email address.

Notwithstanding, to combat online fraud, Meditourz will record the IP address of the Medical Tourist when adding “data”. In addition, the Medical Tourist may be called upon by Meditourz to provide the necessary Personal Information to process a credit card payment. Special instructions will be given by Meditourz as and when and through which channel to part with such sensitive information.

It is hereby recorded that Meditourz will not to engage nor participate neither permit any other vendors to display targeted adverts and other relevant information on the Meditourz website.


Meditourz will not sell, nor share, neither distribute any Personal Information. No Personal Information will be disclosed to anyone except as provided in this Privacy Policy Agreement.

Meditourz is hereby permitted to disclose aggregate statistics such as information about the customer population in general terms, and about Meditourz Data to advertisers or business partners for marketing purposes.

Meditourz is hereby permitted to disclose only Personal Information to a Third Party Supplier who need provide Travel Arrangements, Accommodation, Transportation, Medical procedures, Post-operative Medical Recovery, and Recreational Recovery.

Meditourz has secured a Non Disclosure Agreement with every Third Party Supplier whereby such Third Party Supplier is bound to the disclosure of any such Personal Information without the written consent of the Medical Tourist which written consent will be directed via Meditourz to such Third Party Supplier once received.

Meditourz may disclose “data” if so required by way of a subpoena or other judicial or administrative order by law.

Meditourz will protect the safety of any individual or the general public.

Meditourz will prevent the violation of this Privavy Policy Agreement, the rights of Meditourz or the rights of any third party.

Meditourz will disclose to a third party an IP address if the law or a legal process so requires, and will protect the rights or property of Meditourz, a Medical Tourist, and the general public.

Meditourz is hereby permitted to share “data” with an Affiliate, in which case Meditourz will enforce the Affiliates in signing a Non Disclosure Agreement thereby honouring this Privacy Policy Agreement.

Should Meditourz which to undergo a change in ownership, or a merger with, acquisition by, or sale of assets to, another entity, then Meditourz hereby reserves the right to assign its rights to the “data” it processes to a successor, purchaser, or separate entity.

Meditourz will notify the Medical Tourist of the transfer, and the Medical Tourist reserves the right to modify his Personal Information at that time.

Should the Medical Tourist be concerned about his “data” migrating to a new owner, such Medical Tourist need instruct Meditourz in writing with a request that Meditourz deactivate or delete such account from its database.

Meditourz is hereby permitted to disclose “data” to its employees that require such “data” to do their jobs.

Meditourz is hereby permitted to release “data” to designated third parties to resolve or investigate abuse complaints.

Meditourz is hereby permitted to release “data” to its Internet Service Provider in an attempt to assist the ISP in blocking an abusive intruder or resolving a complaint regarding an abusive intruder.

Securing Data

Meditourz will employ highly advanced security measures to protect the “data” under its control. All “data” received by Meditourz is safe, secure, and available only to Meditourz, and those to whom Meditourz grants permissions.

In addition, the Meditourz web site is hosted in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced security measures to prevent interference or access from outside intruders.

Username And Password

After the Registration process is concluded will Meditourz provide the Medical Tourist with a username and password. It remains the responsibility of each Medical Tourist to maintain the confidentiality and security of his password.

Data Updating And Removal

The Medical Tourist reserves the right to call upon Meditourz to correct or update “data” submitted to Meditourz, by requesting such service in writing. The Medical Tourist also reserves the right to request in writing the removal of all “data” from the active database of Meditourz. Notwithstanding, Meditourz reserves the right to retain the Medical Tourist’s “data” in its backup files and archives as prescribed by law for a period not exceeding 20 years.

Unauthorised Use

Any unauthorised use of Meditourz information systems is a violation in terms. Such violations may subject such person to civil and criminal penalties.

Intercept And Monitor

Meditourz reserves the right to intercept, monitor, block, filter, read, delete, and disclose any communication over its information system.


Meditourz is not responsible for, nor gives any warranties; neither does Meditourz make any representations in respect of the privacy policies or practices of any third party web sites.

International Customers

Meditourz reserves the right to transmit or transfer Personal Information outside the resident jurisdiction of the Medical Tourist to its International subsidiaries across the borders.

Personal Information released to Meditourz will be stored on servers located in the USA, India, and Australia where laws protecting Personal Information may not be as stringent as the laws in the jurisdiction of the Medical Tourist.

Personal Information will be processed by Meditourz in the country where it is collected as well as other countries where Meditourz operates and where laws regarding processing of Personal Information may be less stringent.


The Meditourz Privacy Policy Agreement is governed by the laws of the Republic of India. Every Medical Tourist hereby acknowledges that he has read this Privacy Policy Agreement, and regards the information contained within this document binding upon his conscience, and therefore submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Law and Legal System procured by the High Court of India.


Should any Medical Tourist have any questions or any concerns arising from the Meditourz Privacy Policy Agreement or the way in which Meditourz may handle Personal Information, we at Meditourz invite you, the Medical Tourist, to contact us by e-mail at the following address: