Neeta Gajaria

Neeta Gajaria
Director, Meditourz Health Services
University of South Gujarat.
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With an innate flair for languages, combined with her intuitive interpersonal skills, interacting with people to understand their needs and desires came naturally to Neeta. She chose to start her career as Visa Support Officer with The British Embassy Mumbai in 1991 that gave her an opportunity to assist people from varied cultural backgrounds, different strata of society and diverse aspirations. Her successful journey of 14 years in this role enriched her experience in dealing with people and handle complex situations comfortably.

Though thoroughly satisfied with her accomplishments, Neeta seeked inner peace that would come from being able to impact lives of others in a truly meaningful way. In her quest, she happened to come across the philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism and was deeply impressed by the practicality of the philosophy. In 2012 she joined Soka Gakkai International, a Japanese Organization, which is committed to Value Creating Education and World Peace.

Motivated by compassion, empathy, courage, hope and a firm belief in the principle of “Respect and dignity for all human beings”, Neeta found her calling in working for children with special needs. With a clear vision to create awareness in common people and educate them about medical progress and subsequent hope for differently abled children, Neeta collaborated with her close friend, philosopher and guide –Dr.Alok Sharma to create awareness.

Work Experience
  • With almost 14 years of experience in Public Relations, she has developed a deep understanding of people’s needs.
  • Inspired by the practical philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, in 2014 she joined Soka Gakkai International a Japanese Organization committed to Value Creating Education for Youth and World Peace. The principle of “Respect and dignity for all human beings” motivated her to focus on special children.
  • She has worked closely with Dr Alok Sharma in creating awareness about children with special needs.
Education & Training
  • A Commerce graduate from the University of South Gujarat, she started her career as a Visa Support Officer with The British Embassy Mumbai in 1991.
  • She has a flair for languages, interpersonal skills and public relations.
Speciality Interest
  • Her forte is understanding and catering to individual needs based on her interpersonal interactions over the years. Her chosen field allows her to be constantly in touch with people and address their problems.
  • A deeply spiritual person, she has a great interest in philosophy.